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Mommy… Please Don’t

I could feel my blood pressure rise and my heart start to beat.  I felt that nervous, sick feeling in the pit of my stomach waiting for the page to load.  I didn’t get far in my research, I just couldn’t.  I know how they do it, I just wanted to make sure I was up to date and accurate. I read and saw enough to know that I was.

I can’t justify it, I don’t understand how anyone can.  At 4 weeks after conception that little human heart is pumping blood.   At 6 weeks after conception the baby has eyes and 7 weeks he has toes.  The baby’s nails are developing by 10 weeks.


I’ve heard the justification that if the baby can’t survive outside the womb it’s ok to abort.  It seems to me that this “age” is constantly changing.  So, a fetus at 24 weeks today is much more likely to survive then it was twenty years ago.  Who’s to say what that age will be ten years from now.  Who are we to decide what the “cut off age” is?  If we’re playing this card then truth be told, a full term baby cannot live outside the womb on his own.

What about the pain?  Not the mother’s pain, the baby’s pain.  According to Robert J. White, M.D.,PhD., professor of neurosurgery, a fetus can not only feel excruciating pain but actually feels pain more intensely than adults.  This is because the pain system is fully developed but the higher level pain – modifying system has just begun to develop.  


What about a fetus younger than 20 weeks, though? I’m sure the argument would become, “Well, most abortions are done before 20 weeks.”  Well… according to abortionfacts.com, the sensory nerve that controls pain is present at 8 weeks! When an 8 week old fetus is poked in the palm of his hand (yes, they have palms by then) he will open his mouth and pull away.


Ok, so, let’s have a look at how these “procedures” are done.  There are quite a few ways to kill a baby so I’m just going to give you a brief definition of each one with a link to the website I took them from.  Here goes:

Suction aspiration (vacuum  curettage)-  this is the most popular in the first trimester.  A sharp cutting suction tube is inserted into the womb through the dilated cervix. The suction sucks baby and placenta, either piece by piece or in parts into a bottle. 

D&C- The baby is cut into pieces and removed by a steel, loop-shaped knife.

RU486- this is banned in other countries.  It’s the use of hormones that block nutrients from getting to the baby. Three or four days later the woman is given a drug to induce labor.

D&E- Similar to D&C but this one uses forceps with sharp metal jaws to twist and rip the limbs of a baby as old as 24 weeks. Usually by this time the skull has hardened and will have to be crushed to be removed.

Saline- this is an injection into the uterus used usually in later-term abortions, 16 weeks or older.  It is a salt injection that the baby will breath in and be poisoned while burning and deteriorating his skin.  It usually takes around an hour for the baby to die and in a couple of days “mom” will deliver a burned, shriveled sweet little angel.  Oh and by the way, babies have been born alive… read a survivors story:  http://www.mccl.org/gianna-jessen.html

Prostaglandins- basically just a hormone to induce labor. Usually baby is too little to be born alive but just in case sometimes a toxin or salt will be injected to make sure he’s dead when he comes out.

Partial-birth- late-term abortions performed on a baby 20 -32 weeks or later.  This is guided by ultrasound as the abortionist grabs the baby’s leg with forceps and pulls the baby into the birth canal except for his head, then he shoves scissors into the back of the baby’s skull as the little one writhes in pain and spreads the scissors apart to make the wound larger. A suction catheter is then used to suck out the baby’s brain and collapses the skull.

Check it out for yourself: www.mccl.org/abortion-procedures.html

There are videos on YouTube as well, search, “The Silent Scream“.

My question is, how can anyone justify abortion?  Anyone educated in the procedures and having a complete understanding of what abortion truly is would have to be completely deceived and hard-hearted to have the capacity to rip the little limbs one by one off a baby right out of her own body.  Some people believe that if a woman was raped then it’s ok to kill the baby.  Why?!  Rape does not make the baby feel less pain, it doesn’t change how the baby is murdered, it doesn’t make the baby nonhuman and it doesn’t make the baby guilty!  How is it justified,  the killing of an innocent  baby any more than the baby destroyed who is conceived out of love?!

This has been very difficult to write, there were moments when I didn’t want to continue and thought about just hitting the delete button.  Please understand, anyone out there who has had an abortion, I don’t mean to target you. God is a God of forgiveness, He will forgive you and He loves you as much as He loves the baby waiting to meet you in heaven!  My cry is to the ones who haven’t done it yet, the ones who are battling with the decision to keep or abort. The ones who aren’t even pregnant yet.  I say to them, on behalf of the Creator who has to endure watching each baby suffer and die in ways more gruesome than even the worst horror film, on behalf of all those couples out there who can’t have children and would give anything to raise yours, and on behalf of that innocent child who cannot yet say it himself,  Mommy… Please Don’t.

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