A christian outlook in a messed up world.

It’s all about relationship. There are many steps to the throne and each one of them are worth more then gold. It amazes me how wrong we are. How wrong we think, how wrong we act, how wrong we treat others, even how wrong we treat ourselves.  The more God shows me, the more I realize how pathetic I am.  There’s a difference between knowing something and really knowing something.  I’m not sure exactly what step that comes on or if it’s even the same step for everyone.  I do know that I’ve reached it, or a deeper meaning of it anyway.  The moment when your faith meets reality, it just doesn’t get much better than that.  To know that God loves you, is always right there with you, and will always give you what you need is the best “high” anyone could ever need.   It’s a process to get to this point, if you are not there, it is because something is blocking you.  Draw closer to Him, pursue Him, become “addicted” to him.  You will start to hear him answer you and speak to you.  It’s not about who you are or what you do, it’s about relationship, strive for that, the rest will follow.


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