A christian outlook in a messed up world.

What is the Point?


Hhmmm, how many of you have asked that question?  Really doesn’t seem to be one, does there?  If you think about it, life is pointless.  We’re born, we grow up, we have children, we suffer in this world, then we die.  What’s the point?  Some of us are lucky enough to have found “success and prosperity” while we are here. But even these people, say for example all of Hollywood, are not much different then the rest of us. Look at their drug overdose rate. Why?? They have tons of money, lots of fame, what more could they ask for?  Obviously something’s missing.   I guess money doesn’t buy happiness, does it?  So what does then…  real true joy- not the temporary kind that goes away by morning?

There is a way to fill that void, that feeling of pointlessness.  Jesus Christ will provide the filling that so many of us flounder around in search for.  There’s a hope and a purpose for life when one gives his soul back to the Creator.    Even a christian may sometimes wonder; what’s the point?  We still suffer and deal with the same hardships and tragedys as every other human being.  Why even be here, why do we have to suffer?  What’s the point? 

As I look out at the wind blowing the remainder of the leaves from the trees, I’m reminded how quickly the seasons change.  Just as the seasons change, we can think of our lives as a season.  In the whole scheme of things, eternity is, well, eternity and life as we know it, is for a season.  Is life here pointless? No, no it’s not. It took me a long time to realize this, but we, as christians, have a job to do.  We know where we are going, our job is to bring as many people with us as we can.  That, is the point.


Comments on: "What is the Point?" (5)

  1. Debbie Neiman said:

    I am not sure we ever know the point until we reach heaven. I am finding myself praying hard these days for our up coming election, Gods will be done! I believe as a nation we will get what we deserve. Judgement or Mercy?

    • We deserve judgement, as a nation and as individuals. Mercy is probably what we will see. God gives so many second chances; we know though that sooner or later our chances will be expended…

  2. i think you are right, we are ment to help Jesus win as many souls as we can. It gets harder and harder every day, as satan knows his time is drawing to a close he works harder and harder to keep those same souls to himself. fight the good fight my friend.

  3. Donna Miller said:

    How true. We deserve judgement but the God we serve is a God of new beginnings and I personally am very thankful for that. Acts 16:31 “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.”

  4. Tonya- so true! The hearts of this nation and the world are hardening more everyday. It’s time to get off the sidelines and into the game!
    Donna- Amen to that! Our God is a forgiving God and I too am very thankful for that!

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